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Stuck in combat/+max endurance bugs 1.05





So I've recently started descending the Od Nua dungeon and starting at around the fourth level I've been plagued by a bug causing monsters to seemingly aggro through walls from some distance, preventing me from regenerating endurance and per encounter abilities between fights. I've made it to level 8 now and am unable to proceed any further without the ability to recover between fights. This is not my first playthrough but is the first time I've encountered this bug (it's driving me nuts). So far I believe it was the worst on the 4th level, had to clear almost the entire floor in a single go, luckily I had outleveled that content.


One other bug I noticed is occurring on a couple +max endurance items I have (Boots of the Long March and Amulet of Health). While my max endurance is increased on the character portrait and sheet, it seems I'm never able to actually recover the additional endurance, rendering the items useless.


I've tried searching for more information on these but haven't pulled up anything. Not sure if there's really a solution but I thought I'd go ahead and post them.

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