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Blood testament unique Monk Gloves (test results)

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- BUG they seem to stop working - need re-equipping after each encounter

- BUG they DON'T do RAW damage  (will often add next to 0 damage vs POTD armored targets)

- they add 0.02 damage  - 0.25 * Target's base DR per wound . Maximum 20% lash damage .. 

- applies to Flagellant's path damage (similar to turning wheel & lightning strike lashes)


- NEW DISCOVERY -  MONKS ARE LIMITED TO MAXIMUM 10 WOUNDS (very very low value compared to what they could accumulate without limit ) .. I guess a balance decision that forces you to spend them and prevents uber Turning Wheel + Blood Testament damage from stacked constitution + heal monks rooting pain from winning encounters vs swarm enemies without lifting a finger ..


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Geeze, 3 threads in a row talking about these gloves that do peanuts damage!

I updated all possible results a google search might return later to somebody searching for the mechanics ..The test threads are filled with mountains of numbers that put off most regular users ..


And they only do "peanuts damage" because they're currently bugged . If they actually did RAW damage their damage vs hard targets would be significant .. Say 10 extra damage per swing vs infinitely high DR target would be nothing to sneeze at . Name one other equipment item (non-weapon)  that adds this much .. (accuracy gloves situationally and ..?)

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