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Appearances in inventory/portrait and ingame

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So far, what i saw from this game (interactions, combat, surroundings) was really cool, and im looking forward to play it.....as soon as i am able to pass the character creation.

I searched for portraits that fit an experienced male war-veteran. Found some. After making characters that look similar to the portait, i realized what troubled me. I used cheats to change the standart zoom and ported into a city with daylight.


Did you know......


... that the ingame-model and the model of the charactercreation/inventory are barely looking the same? Its plain that the characters cannot look like the portraits. but how are  we supposed to get a character that resembles the portait and the inventory-representation, when the ingame model will always look different?  And the ingame model looks at zoomed out a lot better and abtract than the inventory-character. Take a closer look yourself:




Additionally most of the skincolors of created characters are dirty and darker than the skin colors of simple npcs. Every bright skincolor, specially in the face, looks dirty if you change the default zoom. NPCs look fine, but created characters do not, cause they cannot choose from the same palettes. Look at this:



"brighest/whitest" skincolor for meadow humans, looks like sleeping in the dirt:



Npc- skincolor - look fine:




Maybe you will call me finical, but why the **** is this happening?

- 3 Different Instances for the same charactermodel, and all look different (why not taking inventory-represantion out?)

- no access to skincolors of npcs without dirtfaces (Why cant we choose "clean" skin of npc-models?)

- no realistic red, yellow, blonde haircolors (That looks anything but fantasy-like, it looks comical)

- Companions sometimes have different skincolors of their body and face (just fix that)


How are you about the topic? Do you care about it, or is it not worth the effort?

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