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[1.05] Bugged food crafting ingredient description interface



Hello, Obsidian! Hello, community! I've just recently started playing Pillars of Eternity. I love it and find it an exquisite game well worth backing on Kickstarter and waiting all this time to play it. But then again, I cannot say I haven't stumbled upon any bugs. ;) So for them to be noticed and fixed I'll be posting about what I find. Please forgive me for not reading the forums and searching for a similar problem, but I don't want any spoilers on such a great game.


When I right-click on any food's ingredient in the crafting interface the ingredient's icon seems to be omitted when determining text offsets. Also, a white box is drawn over the icon. Take a look at the attached screenshot.


post-69913-0-16065500-1431952060_thumb.jpg post-69913-0-84822900-1431980258_thumb.jpg


This seems to affect only food ingredients, ie. Grain, Beer and Meat in case of Savory Pie. Do note that the actual item that will be crafted has its description shown just right. Also, this doesn't affect potion and scroll ingredients at all.


If more information is needed, please say so and I'll gladly provide anything that's necessary.


Edit: Also, apart from the name, description is taken from the food that is about to be crafted, not the selected ingredient.

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