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Can you disable the wizard's book from always showing up?

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I get the idea that they're kinda a part of who they are but having a two handed weapon and having the book glued to my arm looks ridiculous.


I started a new game with a wizard and wanted to spice it up a bit with guns but I still have the book on my left hand even though guns are two handed, reloading the gun with a book glued to my hand looks terrible.


Is there a mod/option/something to disable wizards from always having their book on them or do I have to make a druid?

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That's very interesting and may be a glitch. I also run with wizard and use a two handed sword as my primary and an Arbeques for my secondary. I no longer see my character carrying the book. Though, you will when equipping one handed weapons.

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The thing is, if you use a gun, or a wand? its a two handed weapon but it only is used by one hand unless reloading(gun for example), you will have the book show.


But if you use a legit two handed weapon like a greatsword/arbeques it  doesn't show.


What I would love to see is to have the book not show as long as its a two handed weapon.

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