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Sequel: A little story (Spoiler Alert)

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This is based on my current character a male, moon godlike ranger with bear companion.  Just my idea about how things might start out in the hoped for sequel.


The Long Journey


It is over and I am left with more questions than answers.  My companions have departed each to find their own answers and their own own futures.  The whispers, memories dreams are gone which leaves me feeling a bit empty.  We mortals are never happy give us what we want and we want something more, something different.  Maybe we do need gods or something, someone more powerful than ourselves.


Now what?  I should check on the Stronghold.  I have that link with the Steward but it wouldn't hurt to see what is going on in person.  Think I will stop in Dyrford Village.  It is on my way back.  I reach over and give Bruno my bear a good scratch and he leans against me almost pushing me over.


I pick up my stuff and start for the door Bruno gives a snort and walks over to the bed sniffing.  Blast I forgot about that Orlan baby.  What can I do with it.  Take with me I suppose and maybe my Orlan shopkeeper will care for it.  I swaddle it up to carry on my back and give it something to suck on.  


I stop off at Dyrford Village and see it has already perked up.  There is a merchants carvan from Twin Elms stopped there and things are looking much better.  I stop at the inn and get some really good news Eder has taken up residence and is getting things organized.  He has taken up residence in one of the empty house.  I hurry over there and am lucky to fin him home.  We have a warm union.  We have nice long chat.  He tells me he has some of the locals organized into patrols to keep the bandits at bay making it safe both for the locals and for travelers.  Newcomers have already started to arrive to take over some of the empty farms.  With Eder watching out for it Dyrford Village should do well maybe even become a busting town.


A couple of days later I arrive at my Stronghold.  Things are in good order.  We have a cook and a few servants to tend things.  I feel restless though can't settle down.  The wander lust in my blood.  Always has bee which is why I become a hunter.  I will continue to hunt and the hunt will be in the hope of answers.  


I talked to the Throne Steward and left her in charge.  If she needs me she can always find me no matter where I am. I have hired a mortal steward to look after our guests.  They need that little touch it makes them feel safer and more cared about.


Korgrak is in charge of defences.  I think that was the smartest decision I made in all my travels.  He is one smart ogre and scares anyone who even thinks about causing trouble.


I got the Orlan shopkeeper to take the baby and also asked her to keep the ogre's blood out of sight.  It seems to bother Korgrak.  I also arranged with the Throne Steward to  build him a place of his own in the woods between Brighthollow and the Keep.  He can get into the main hall of the Keep but really needs a place of his own.


All is in order and I will be on my way tomorrow.  I wonder what lies ahead>



Editor's note:  I hope I spelled everything correctly and didn't make any glaring errors.   Thank you for reading.

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 I have but one enemy: myself  - Drow saying



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