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Stunned (spell effect bebuff) vs Stunned (disable on crit weapon effect) - Should rename one of them or equalize effects



Stunned effect on crit (vs fortitude) on some unique weapons (borresaine, stormcaller, aedrin's wrecker) disables the affected target completely for the duration (cannot take any action but is not otherwise debuffed in any way )  



Stunned effect on some abilities/spells (ex stunning blow )  - target is again disabled for the (usually shorter) duration - and a plethora of debuffs (huge  - deflection, -reflex save , enabling sneak attacks, etc) ..


If those are different abilities they should have different names and icons. If they are the same - they should have the same effects ..




(What happens when you crit with starcaller on a monk using stunning blow - can you apply both types of stun in the same time ? :)

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