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A couple suggestions for additional difficulty options

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After having played through with the previous patch (on Hard) and experienced the latest patch in my recent PotD playthrough I have two fairly straightforward suggestions.


1. Suggestion Number One: Low Difficulty Post-Act 1

After Act 1, the difficulty takes a dip. Some have suggested rebalancing encounters. I disagree with this. A much better solution would be to nerf advancement a bit. Currently, we get 3 Accuracy and Defense per level. Just drop that to 2. It won't make much of a difference during Act 1 but it will be felt as you progress. This should take way less time than retuning the entire game after mid act 2. At least consider making it a checkbox or something. As a side effect, this should make items feel much more impactful since they will be a greater source of accuracy. Similarly, 1 handed style will feel like less of a waste and heavier shields should feel more useful.


2. Suggestion Number Two: PotD Stats Checkbox

I think it would be nice if we could had the option for PotD level enemy defenses with the encounter numbers of lower difficulties. So, maybe some would like Hard encounter enemy numbers with PotD enemy stats. Again, this could just be an optional checkbox.

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