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Loot Items disappear



Hi everyone!


i just bought the game yesterday.

It was absolutely recommended from a friend.


I started to play today and encountered a weird bug very early.

When ever i loot stuff, the items dont appear in my inventory.

I googled and a quick restart of the game was advised to work around it.

But it doesnt work!

In every single save and auto-save i cant loot anymore.

I restarted the game 10+ times, restarted my PC and nothing works.

Im at the very beginning in that cave and cant loot that blue crystall that says it opens up a secret path.

I cant loot any object or corpse and it is a shock and frustrating to encounter a gamebreaking bug like 20 mins into the game.


Any advice how to fix this besides the restarts that didnt work?

Create a new campaign because this one is lost?


What can i do?




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no Ideas? thats really sad mates 8(

I was realy looking forward to play this game but this is unplayable.

i started a new game with another character and it has the same problem.

I cant loot anything. that kind of breaks the game.

I think i might have to give up on this game which is extremly frustrating and costly...



me sad 8(

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Just in case you haven't noticed, there are two "inventories", the normal character inventory and another called the "stash". Have you checked the Stash for the missing loot?

I was kind of hopeful because that is something that tends to happen to me^^

but nothing was in the stack either.


ok i reinstalled the game and used the steam download.


Somehow it works now - which is great xD

but i dont understand what could ve been wrong.

I just hope that the bug wont appear agan and i play a bit.


Maybe it will last^^


thanks for the response anyway Gfted1!!

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