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Suggestion: Add info on stacking information in ability tool tips



I understand that the cyclopedia entry on Suppression/Stacking is supposed to explain how buffs stack together, but in practice this still leads a lot of confusion and players accidentally getting/using abilities that don't stack with things they already have.


ALSO, the entry does not seem to be fully accurate, as abilities like Zealous focus and Bless don't stack their Acc bonuses, but Bless and Holy Radiance (talented with Inspiring radiance) do.


Zealous focus is a passive and bless is an active, so you'd expect them to stack, but they don't. Meanwhile Bless and Holy Radiance are both actives, yet they stack.


The +10 acc bonus from Darcozzi Paladini's Liberating Exhoration stacks with Zealous focus too.



So the bottom line, I'd like to see this whenever I look at the tooltip from a spell like Bless:


(Yadda yadda Spell description.)


The accuracy component of this spell does not stack with: Zealous Focus, spell B, spell C etc etc.



I understand it'd be quite a bit of work, so I'm actually hoping a modder does something like this. It would be of great help to players trying to figure out how to better build their party/strategy.



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