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Gaming - Skill for expansion or sequel?

skills characters abilities

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Description: You have always been drawn to the roll of the dice, the turn of the card or the placement of the playing piece, and have at times won a fair amount of coin in such pursuits. In truth though your talent extends further than mere games however, you have an innate grasp of strategy and tactics, a calm calculating grasp of odds and chances, and how one may influence them.


Effects: Now this is where I come unstuck, I really can't think of a reasonable bonus for this skill, that slowly increases over time and doesn't unbalance anything. There are of course many chances to use such a skill, games of chance in a tavern for instance, but I can't think of any mechanical advantages. Perhaps something to do with the stronghold, or maybe a very small experience bonus?


Any ideas?



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Knowledge of gaming aids you in bargaining with merchants and bluffing; convincing others that your statements are the truth.


Each level of advantage in gaming increases the selling price of an item by 5%.

Every 3 levels of gaming provides a -1 penalty to the NPC's perception skill, allowing the PC characters statement to be accepted as truth.

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