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[Bug]Champions of Berath reward

Aotrs Commander


On completing the Champions of Berath Sidequest, I recieved 32994 XP, enough to shoot me from about half-way through level 11 to the maximum cap.  This seems inordinately large, and possibly a typo.


I am playing on Win 7, version 1.05.


I can't post the save files currently (wrong HDD), but I will attempt to do so tomorrow when I have time to do so (I wasn't sure at the time whether or not this was a bug, but a concensus seems to be that is is).

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Right. Sorry about the delay!


Attached the files DxDiag and output_log.txt.


I stopped playing just after I got this bug and shut the game down (as it happened, it was time to go out anyway!) so the output file will be for immediately after the last save.


Dropbox link to a zip with the save files (the quick save immediately before, and the regular save I made aftewards.)




I don't have any screenshots, unfortunately (I'd have to re-fight the battle), but the XP differences should be illustrative!



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