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Greetings, I've just created an account, althought I'm a backer and I thought I had one before, but anyway, let's go to the point:


What about a customizable HUD? I don't like very much having the portraits on the left-down corner, they are too far away in my opinion and I would like to put them just in the center below, just above the compass, because very often I can't use the mouse and I have to manage with the keypad of the laptop, so moving the cursor to the corner for every single attack is a pain in the ass, and avoiding to ask for a radius-systemlike from Temple of Elemental Evil (which was one of the best combat system ever IMO, sadly the game in general was not as great), I'm asking for letting me custimizing the HUD as I want.


Not possible am I hearing? What about the IE-mod ? Thanks to that I was playing with my own HUD very happily, right before the release of the new version, which crapped it up.


Thanks for your attention, and beware of the trolls ^^

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