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Kindle version of Guidebook volume one

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You can open a PDF file in Kindle (well, at least the tablet version -- I doubt that the desktop / web version supports it).


The easy, and cross platform, way to do this is via sending the PDF as an attachment to an e-mali to the Kindle specific e-mail address.  However, this won't work for the guidebook, as it is too big.  There is software that you can download on your PC that allows you to do the same thing, but it shares the same file size limitation.


On an Apple product, the easiest way to handle this is to simply not use the Kindle E-Reader at all -- just download the PDF file via Safari (the built-in web browser) and it will ask you if you want to open the file in iBooks.  Say yes, and it will be downloaded and added to your library.  You need to be connected to the Internet to download it, but once it is downloaded it you can read it even if you are offline. 


It is possible, but tricky, to use iTunes on a PC to copy the PDF file to an Apple device so that you can read it in the Kindle e-reader -- but the process is fairly tricky, and I'm not going to write up detailed instructions unless you ask.


On a new (Android based) Kindle, I suspect that if you download the file from the default browser it will (similar to the Apple product) offer to transfer the file to Kindle.  If that doesn't work, then you'll need to connect the Kindle to a PC and transfer the file to the correct location.  No clue how to do this, but given the open nature of the Android OS I suspect it is much easier than it is on an iOS product.


If you have an old Kindle (non-Android), you'll definitely need to download the file on a PC and transfer it over.  This should be really easy, though, as the only files visible in Windows will be the Kindle books you have already downloaded -- just put the PDF in the same place.  Note that it will almost certainly be totally unreadable:  the background graphics simply aren't going to render properly on a eInk display.


If you have a Microsoft tablet, I have no clue, but trying to open the file from IE (on the tablet, of course) is likely to result in it being downloaded to some application that can read it offline.

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Mreed i know there are programs like Calibre which transform pdf in mobi; the problem is that pdf converted to mobi have often errors in the page layout and so it's not really an option. Considered on amazon it's already available for kindle i don't understand why Obsidian doesn't make the guidebook available in multiple formats.

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There is an official Kindle ebook now (found here). I wish that Kickstarter backers who had this in their pledge could get redeemable codes for Kindle Store. Or at least some big discount. We already have the PDF, but reading that is tiresome for me.

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