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What is wrong with this game? Items randomly disappearing

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So I waited till 1.05 before finally playing the game. Figured by now all the big bugs would be worked out. As im playing through I first noticed a few items I had looted magically disappeared from my inventory. Reloaded the game, tried again, and this time the loot was there. Weird I thought. So I move on to a new area and see a bear. I go to attack it, get killed in one hit. Was that that powerful? Whatever, reload. However I notice my character is standing naked. And when I check inventory a bunch of items are missing. How? Why? I reload a much earlier save and try again, this time I enter the area with all my items intact. What is happening here?

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I've seen this happen in the dungeon before Cilant Lis. I finished prologue part (with Heodan and Calisca), then went back to collect the traps that I couldn't disarm. Eder magically loses his chest armor. Loading to the entrance doesnt restore it. Have to load before entering the dungeon.

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