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I wanted to make a thread dedicated in memory of the Chanter, previously OP beyond compare now reduced to most boring character. The patch 1.05 fixed a very useful trick the chanter had up its sleeve to start his song over whenever new foes or foes unaffected by its singing entered the area, the added cooldown and removal of all phrases when a song is switched completely obliterated his effectiveness. True it was too good but Obsidian didn't have to destroy it that much.


The chanter was too powerful pre 1.05 and a nerf was needed as the mechanics were flawed but the patch didn't fix the flaws they just made them less exploitable. The problem with the chanter is that it is too slow and its vs foe phrases is an attack all only once per phrase debuff which mean if a foe resists a chant the go completely deaf for the duration of the chant as it is only the first second of the chant that really counts.


Personally I think his singing of offensive chants should change to several small triggers each second during the phrase for example Come, Come Swift Winds of Death lasts 4 seconds and deals damage over time of but as a single attack my suggestion is make the chants work similarly to the wizards level 1 spell slicken where the affected constantly has to make checks or get prone. it's not like they go deaf for 8 seconds if the resist a phrase or come in after the phrase triggered that they can't hear the chanter sing. 


Secondly I would like to see 3 more phrases:

His weapon was sharp His voice rung true [Level 3]

Duration 8 seconds.

generate 2 additional Phrases


Hmm Hmm Hmm [Level 2]

Duration 3 seconds.

Copy the effect of the last sung Phrase (Hmm Hmm Hmm, can't copy itself).


Silence [Level 1]

Duration 1 seconds.

lose one phrase, the next phrase sung gets +(1 * intellect) accuracy if targeting foes


If Obsidian were to do this I would put a shoe on my head.

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