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Change Weapon Focus Ruffian to Weapon Focus Peasant

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Other stuff to be aware of:


Turning wheel seems to overwrite Transcendent suffering reported by some = less unarmed damage.


Might does double duty increasing Transcendent AND the base damage.


Sabres are arguably by the numbers the "best" torment's reach weapon later on, tho i think fists are still great until 2 superb.

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it is possible - but it will disable achievements (requires console use)



findcharacter Name_Of_Your_Monk


removetalent Player_.. /Companion_Generic... tln_weapon_focus_peasant


removetalent Player_.. /Companion_Generic... weaponfocuspeasant// see which command actually removes the ability


addability Player_.. /Companion_Generic... tln_weapon_focus_ruffian


addability Player_.. /Companion_Generic... weaponfocusruffian

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