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Does anyone know for sure how the game determines which target the enemy attacks when there are multiple people engaged to it?


I know initially it will stick to the person who first engages the target but it often will switch to another target especially if its in engagement range.


its kinda frustrating when im trying to get hit as a barb or a monk and the enemy refuses to turn around or im playing a rogue and flanking them just to have them turn around and eat an attack in the face.

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From what I saw... whatever its engaged too + lowest deflection = what it targets.


For example, I can hit Arcane Veil on my wizard who is in the back row with 3 others being attacked, and will always NOT be targetted.


Rogue has double issues due to reckless assault, generally why its good to be a "pike" rogue for much of the game.  Tall grass is also amazing on them later.  Basically, the low deflection = i will hit you.


For moon monks, I actually like sending them in front and then aoe nuking them.  They'll self heal and you get damage + wounds = more damage.

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