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Nature Godlike: Wellspring of Life not activating



On my hired Nature Godlike Barbarian, the racial ability Wellspring of Life doesnt't activate. At least, it's not showing up in the active effects.


I think this is because I picked the Blooded ability (extra damage when below 50% endurance), but I'm not entirely sure because I only started noticing much later.


Do these abilities conflict? Cause I don't think they should... this basically means I'm having a dude with a funny face who can't wear helmets, and who gets nothing in return for it.


And the abilities seemed to synergize really well (+3 might, +2 con, +2 dex AND extra damage at 50% endurance? Yes please). And to top it all off, I don't even think the Blooded passive works.


I'll keep this post updated as I move along.


Tested outside of combat, not sure if that matters:


Endurance below 50%, both Blooded as well as Wellspring of Life aren't showing up on the active effect




But according to the 'console', it should be activated, as it clearly states it's activated:




Edit: this seems to be a case of simply not showing up on the effects, not on the full list as well as not showing up next to the portrait with an icon, which it DID do before, but my stats are clearly augmented by Wellspring of Life.



Without Wellspring it should be:

Might 20 (18+ 2 from Bracers of All Consuming Rage)

Con 4 (3+ 1 from Bracers)

Dex 19


Hmm, now to see if the same is happening with Blooded.

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