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[1.0.5b] "The Man Who Waits" - No Azo?



So I know this has been talked about every so often, but I'm having an issue with "The Man Who Waits" quest.


At one point, I spoke with Head Warden Ethelmoer and he acted as if I had talked with someone named Azo downstairs. However, I had not gotten back to talk to the patients downstairs.  Now I'm able to go downstairs and talk with the patients, but Azo is nowhere to be found. It seems that he is supposed to be in the lab that shares a wall with his office, but no one is there. Without speaking to him, I can't get a key to go into the North Ward, which means I can't talk to Gram.


I saw that there in the patch notes that there is a "Retroactive fix to update Sanitarium quest stage to proper state if you already talked to Ethelmoer and then asked for Sanitarium directions from a city guard." Unfortunately, this still has not helped me. Azo is missing, and the North Ward is locked.


I'm happy to upload my saved game to help diagnose, though it has been a LONG time since this issue happened, and I don't have the save file for when the game gave me the conversation with Ethelmoer ahead of time.


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