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Stronghold Modding Request

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Hello Folks,


I would to be able to mod the Stronghold "turn" feature.

I really do not like the way the Strongholds part of the game is designed.  The "Turn" thing makes no sense, why not use days which would make a lot more sense.

It should be one way or the other not this and that, even though I dislike the turn feature, it should be either all in turns or all in days (taxes/bandits robbery/hireling fees/random events).


What I would like to do is to mod the Stronghold part so that instead of "Turn" based it would be Time (day) based.

Anyone out there able to do this (or atleast point me in the direction of a modding tool and appropriate file)?


Help appreciated.

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Well if i could figure out how to mod it i would make 3 (if i was really clever i would add them to the options).


1: All Day based

2: All Turn based (still dont like the Turn idea though, but we all have different tastes)

3: Day based Taxes/Hireling fees (well 5 day report as in game) Turn based occurrences.


Option 3 would be acceptable for me if there was no Option 1.  That way your money is coming in as it goes out.


It would still not be an exploitation or unbalance the delicate economy (after the bandits have their cut from the taxes you will have what 300 - 800 coins left over, say 800, now you pay your hirelings (say 8 of the lowest) which is -400 coins, you now have made a 400 coin profit after 5 days hurrah! (that is about the equivalent of selling 2 fine great swords to some storekeeper (who I believe are bandits without the masks).


For a start trying to get the economy right for this kind of game is incredibly difficult. Basically in games like these there will be a point in the game where you could go swimming in your own personal pool filled with your coins.


I cannot help but look at the turn system as the equivalent (word of the day) of saying to a policeman (or woman; I don't want the backlash of someone tweeting that I am sexist), "Right you need to go out and arrest 5 people to get your wages, if you don't you don't get paid" or firewo/man "Put out 5 fires this week or you won't get paid", meanwhile aforementioned police or fire man/woman has to spend money to live. Ok I am beleaguering my point now  so I will stop (do I need to don my fire proofs?) .

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