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Is there physical copy anyone?

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Although it is steam bound.


Some backers (those who paid to get one) will get DRM and service free physical copies of the game.

Ok, thanks. The only thing that sucks is that copy is UK binded and nor european. Oh well, maybe with time itll come.

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Yes. And this is my only disappointment with this game. My physical copy of the game is Steam bound and nowhere on the box does it mention this. I'm in Australasia and buying games, especially physical copies, here is extremely expensive because of the exchange rates. If I had known that my disc, which was much more expensive than digital copies, was going to be bound online then I would not have paid the extra to buy it, I would have bought a digital version. Call me old fashioned but being forced to use Steam or Origin or any other online company to be able to install and play a game I bought in actual disc form makes me feel ripped off.


The game itself is good, though. I'll give it that. Kudos to Obsidian for trying to get this genre back to its roots.

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