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[Bug] Every Map, 3 Skeletons who are attacking NPC's



Hey there.

I got a "special" problem in my Pillars of Eternity.


Since i started to encounter Od Nua, i got on every Map 3 Sekeletons and 1 Ghost, who are belonging to me. Sometimes there are out of the Map (you can't see them).But if they are inside the map they start to fight immidiatly if they see an enemy, even if i am not there. Besides, i can't controll them.


After 30h of playing with that Bug, the Skelletons and the Ghost, are attacking now every single Person on every Map. Due to this, i cant speak to NPC's even more, because the Skelletons will attack them.


I restartet the Game.

I reloaded an older savegame.


Nothing helped.

The .rar is in in the Dropbox folder.


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what wersion of the game are you running? i think that bug or something simmilar was adressed in 1.03 or 1.04

PIllars of eternty (Hard) 1st playtrough: 155h, 38 m (main Ranger with bear(bow), Eder, Durance(off tank), Hirvais(off tank), Kana(ranged), Aloth/GM)
PIllars of eternty (PtoD) 2nd playtrough: 88h 30 m (main Bleak Walker Paladin, Eder, Barbarian, Monk, Rogue (ranged) Cypher(wand)
(not counting reloads and experimenting)
status i love the game, hate the bugs, and wish for better AI and Pathfinding


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I loaded your savegame with the 1.05 beta.

I couldn't see the shade, but the murderous skeletons are certainly still there.

A half-assed work around is killing the skeletons (not sure this will work with 1.04, do it at your risk):

-travel to your stronghold throne room (any area where the skeletons are standing still is good).  
-cast on the skeletons Pillar of Holy Fire (Durance, spell level 5) and when they rise cast it again. Repeat until they stay down.

The skeletons will still follow you, but they should spawn as a pile of bones, dead. Well, more dead. Unable to attack.
If you reload a game they will return active. So save somewhere safe.

I've come to burn your kingdom down

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