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[Completed Let's Play] The Adventures of Abattoir, the (mostly) kindly Death-Godlike

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Here is the playlist of my finally completed my Let's Play of Pillars of Eternity!


Totaling 120 parts (117 actual parts, 3 'extras' where I previously cheated to win the game but decided to go back and finish legit instead), this is my first playthrough of the game, going into it with backer beta gameplay knowledge. I play a Death Godlike Cipher named Abattoir, a Philosopher who tries to show that Death Godlikes (even the big, scary ones) can be kind-hearted and honest.


My mouse is, unfortunately, off-center for the first 27 parts due to my monitor's native aspect ratio being 5:4 and me recording the game in 16:9, but I go back to the native resolution on part 28, though it won't perfectly fit youtube.


Throughout the series I give thoughts on certain parts of the game, and certainly point out pieces of writing or action that are either done poorly or just completely nonsensical. Overall I enjoyed the game, though as a Baldur's Gate enthusiast I'd give it a 7.5/10.


Thanks Obsidian for your hard work. Was quite enjoyable to play one of these kinds of games again.

The Adventures of Abattoir, my Pillars of Eternity Let's Play! Following Abattoir, an Aumaua-sized Death Godlike Cipher who wishes to prove to the world that Death Godlikes can be trustworthy and helpful, while getting caught in some terrible circumstances.

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