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My personal PoE review

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Hi there,


I've backed PoE shortly after Kickstarter campaign, I've played every Backer Beta version and recently, after playing with a few different classes I've finished the game with a wizard. I've also played Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, Icewind Dale 1 & 2, Neverwinter Nights 1& 2 and Planescape. I think, that I'm in a good position to write a short review and share my thoughts about the game shortly after finishing it.


Let's divide it on a few parts.


Main Story:

Just brilliant. I didn't expected so mature and deep story from the very beginning. Most of the time I was asking myself - what the hell is going on here? And then, when I've started to understand the plot, I've asked myself, does the character I've created have his own identity at all? And if yes, does he have only one?And what with all the others in the world? And the questions doesn't simply go away after reviling a whole picture. I find myself still in a position where I ask myself... what if?

I would have to write some spoilers to be more understandable, so I'll leave it at this point - you've made a piece of a brilliant story that touches my soul.


Side Quest:

Classic - everything you could expect from a good RPG.


Game mechanic:

I just love how the classes and skills are balanced. I had many moments throughout the game, where I just couldn't choose what to do on level up. There are so many perks, feats and skills, and nearly every one adds something magnificent to character build. I'm replaying the game right now simply to explore more possibilities and more strategies by combining skills, spells and perks. I'll do this for a long time I think.


There is but one thing that drive my crazy - this excellent system looses a lot by not being properly described. For example, my wizard noticed on a level 10, that 1 level spells are refreshed after every encounter. I haven't found any description of it in the game, so I thought it was a bug. But then I've realised, that there was a plan to implement such a system and I've found a confirmation for it on reddit. It was a game-changing moment, when I found out, that I can now use much more spells, just like a proper wizard should, but on the other hand, I've got a few perks for weapon-fighting that are obsolete from that point, because I can use different strategy now. If I would knew that earlier, I would build my character in a different way to utilise its full potential.



Sorry guys, but except main menu theme and one song played in the wilds (I think it's called "mystic") the music simply doesn't touch my soul. Most of the time it's just some tones played on the background, that doesn't build any emotions and doesn't reflect that, what is happening on the screen. Combat music is without any power too.

Baldur's Gate was way better in therms of music, player could feel the spirit of a tavern he just visited, or dense air of a magical forest, or feel, that the fight he's just trying to survive is an epic one. Neverwinter Night was even better - I still have many song from NWN in my head, after a few years without playing it. Master Spy Theme, Dragon fighting... ah... fragments of memories.

In PoE music is on a very low level. Without a spirit, unable to build anything.


Sound effects:

Here is much better. Sounds are perfectly synchronised with visuals, and they are just good. I really like the sound of changing your view from the normal world to soul/spirit world. All the spell sound-effects are beautiful.



One of my favourite games. Will play more :)

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Thanks for your input and THANKS for the tip about 1st level spells being refreshed after each encounter (saves me lots of campfires).


My review so far (only played a few hours):


I frickin' love this game. It's like playing Planescape/Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale all rolled into one. I have a ****ty computer, so the graphics aren't great; but who cares. It's just so refreshing to finally play a proper RPG again that doesn't hold your hand and doesn't pander to the **** "social justice warriors". I mean, the game even has _humour_, who woulda thunk it in this day and age.

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1 lvl spells are refreshed if your character is level 9 and 2 lvl spells are also per encounter from character level 11.


I imagine, that 3rd level spells would be per encounter from level 13, but the limit is 12.

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- brilliant

- touches my soul

- classic

- magnificent

- perfectly synchronised



Sure is euphoric in here. Still better than Codexian edge and overplayed cynicism, though.

Exoduss, on 14 Apr 2015 - 11:11 AM, said: 


also secret about hardmode with 6 man party is :  its a faceroll most of the fights you will Auto Attack mobs while lighting your spliff


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