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Balance - Battle Axe Crit Bonus


Ignoring the unique models, currently Battle axes are worse than sabres in the vast variety of applications  ( turning the hit resolution -0.5,0,0.5 additive , even if the ingame info still calls them "multipliers" was a big nerf to those weapon types )   ...Comparing with sabres because they are both locked into slashing damage type..


that +0.5 bonus to crit "multiplier" translates into +  ((11+16)/2)*0.5 = 6.75 average damage on crits ..


Sabres will thus outdamage battle axes EVEN ON CRITICAL HITS once the sum of damage multipliers goes above  6.75 / (( 13+19-11-16)/2) = 2.7 ..


Rogues (best crit melee race - reckless attack accuracy bonus, you need to use them on a high accuracy class to get those crits)  can get this at level 3 ..

1+ 0.15 (fine weapons) + 0.3 (20 might) + 0.2 (reckless) + 0.5 (sneak) + 0.5 (crit) ..


Past level 2 sabre can outdamage battle axe in all situations on Rogue .. (sneak is not always on but with good micro it should be close) ..


Oh - and there is at least a unique sabre with +0.5 crit "multiplier"  (salt on the wound and set in on fire)


Battle axes need some love .. Yes investing in Weapon Focus Knight also grants swords for flexibility (assuming dual wield) , but how many weapons can you realistically afford to buy/enchant in a game melee focused team (without console/cheats) ?



they went quite a distance trying to add different whistles and bells to each weapon type to differentiate each other .. Battle axes as original designed  (with hit resolution as multiplier) had their niche as "the crit" weapons .. Right now they (BAs) are virtually the same as sabres in every way only, they do less damage .. That goes against the perceived design goal of making each weapon group "unique/different" gameplay/mechanics wise (I'm not talking animations/color/sparkly effects)  ..



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I think the problem is with Sabre, not Battleaxe. Sabres are supposed to be great against lightly armored enemies, not completely everything. So I've come up with a new special ability for Sabres:


Enemy DR is applied twice.


If that turns out to be too much, it can be

Enemy DR is applied 1.5x times.

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