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The man who waits - main quest bug, unable to continue game


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I dont know what happened, half of my post, describing the problem have been lost.... (i am absolutely sure i posted properly)


When i accepted this quest i left the sanitarium to do sidequests (i like to do them first in all rpg games for completionism)! When i have returned i have noticed in my quest log, that the quest have progressed without me doing anything! I talked to the Head Warden, who then asked me to talk to Gram in the North Ward (again, i didnt do anything before). When i go downstairs, the door is closed, its saying i need the proper key. In addition, now the head warden is not replying if i click on him (not reacting anything, at all) ..


This problem occured to me before 1.04. I was hoping it will be fixed, because i saw other posts with this problem.


Sorry for the half post, i dont know what happened...

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I had exactly the same problem and just created an account to report this bug since I can't continue in the game.


In the quest "Man Who waits" I reached the point "Talk to Ethelmoer about Azo"


I get to the statue and he starts by saying "What the hell happened there, etc etc". I have no idea what he means, at this point I did not even enter the patient ward or don't even have the key.


After that dialogue the statue won't say anything to me, will not respond to any clicks or anything. I'm stuck.


Really don't want to start a new game since I did a TON of things already, including finishing the entire Endless Paths.


Hope this helps. Best regards

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