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[Druid] Wildstrike talents unaffected by bonus ele damage


The druid's Wildstrike talents, which add bonus elemental damage to regular attacks while shifted, are not affected by abilities that boost elemental damage.


Example scenario:


My druid has:

- Wildstrike Freeze (+30% freeze damage added to regular attacks in Spiritshift form).

- Greater Wildstrike Freeze (increases the bonus to +45%).

- Secrets of Rime (+5 DR versus Freeze, +20% Freeze damage inflicted).


I spirit shift and attack a foe. It deals 29 piercing damage + 13 freeze damage (which is ~45%, so Greater Wildstrike Freeze is working, however Secrets of Rime is not). It would seem like it should be dealing 29 pierce + 13 freeze + 2.6 freeze instead.

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