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[Linux] Graphical issues.


I have the latest GOG.com version, installed as an application (instead of just extracting the tarball that GOG provides). When I run the game nothing looks as good as it does on Windows & Mac.


My system is pretty robust for this particular game, it's a custom built medium range gaming computer, all parts are only a year and a half old. My processor is an Intel i3-3220, my hard drive space is barely touched (as I don't install new software hardly ever and only have 4 games installed and all are isometric cRPGs); my graphics card is an EVGA Nvidia GTX 660--Not overclocked or tweaked in anyway, and my monitor is a 2 year old Alienware 2210, factory configured - not changed or tweaked for any specific game. I am using the Linux Nvidia non-proprietary driver 349, not the proprietary 331 that is recommended by Linux Mint team. The reason I am not using what's recommended for the graphics card driver is because I was using the 331 before and wanted to try the latest available. I have not found that the graphics driver is at fault for the problems I experience because they still occured on every driver - which I've tried all of them that I know exist. If there are drivers available that are higher than 349, I don't know about it.


Here is the list of issues:


1) Anti-alaising is relatively 'horrible' if I don't force my graphics card to make it better, but it's still not THAT much better with that.


2) A blur effect (not sure if it's suppose to be there) goes around the screen outside of the 'Fog' or 'Light circle' that is suppose to be there, going around the characters in view. I can't seem to figure out how to turn it off, the blur is too strong and makes my eyes itch.


3) When I zoom in, I notice other people who run the game on Windows that have zoomed in screenshots online, have much better graphic fidelity and higher quality shaders going on than what I am able to access. Why I don't know, and that kind of bugs me. I'm not really sure if it's Linux specific to notice a different in graphics on all games between Windows vs Linux or not. But it's kind of underwhelming.


4) Screen tearing is still a major thing that I can't figure out how to solve on my own. I've spent weeks trying to solve it and can't. My hardware isn't failing, nothing is configured wrong that I can find. I've done benchmark tests, everything - nothing indicates my hardware is at fault.


Any suggestions on how to fix this? Hopefully from someone that knows exactly how the Unity3D engine works on Linux, that might have pretty good suggestions that might actually work?


Despite all of these issues, I'm still enjoying the game - but because of the blur effect I can't stand to play longer than 30 minutes because it just makes my allergies feel worse in my eyes.

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