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Post Patch Run, help me pick a 6 man Party

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So, after the chant reload nerf I wanted to try something new for yet another PoTD run.


I'm gonna play 6man (expert mode) w/out ANY pull abuse. I think the game is way more fun if you try to don't cheese AI too much.


I'm an old BG player and I hope that some amazing difficult mode will come out sooner rather then later (ascendancy anyone?) but meanwhile I wanna give the game another try.



Here are the classes that I have already picked because, well, I just like them and the general playstile.



Moon Fighter Tank



19 Might 

15 Con 

4 Dex 

18 Per

4 Int 

18 Res


Not too much to say on this one. He will be the main tanker. 19 Might it's there for retaliation.


Wood Elf Rogue


18 Might

10 Con

20 Dex

19 Per

8 Int

3 Res


This is a concept that I would like to try after the reload/arbalaster Nerf. An high disrupter DPS character using hunting bows (with horrible will save, I should add .p)


Coastal Aumaua Cipher


21 Might

10 Con 

18 Dex

3 Per

18 Int

8 Res


My old good friend Cipher. I like to micro switch blunderbusses for sweet actions ;)


What did not make the cut:


- ranged chanter: reload nerf make me want to look for something else, honestly. 

- paladin: I played it has an off tank twice and let me say, I love the class concept but he should gain some more love from devs as well ;(


what I'm looking for:


-off tank: should I use retaliation a bit more with a barbarian (a bit too op imo) or a rouge? Or should I go with a summoner Chanter to gain a better utility overall?


-support: I was used to love my Priest, +10 acc feat on Arquebus was no joke in a ranged DPS party ;) but maybe this is the time to drop it for something else? Keep in mind I hate to rest a lot in POtD so I try to avoid spell spam has much has possible, I don't like to pick extra spells per level has feat for example and I focus more on debuff plus phisical damage, at least usually. 


- another DPS: can be anything, just not another Cipher to not hurt with variance. From utility/damage wiz to a melee toon (I never used a dedicated phisical DPS toon in this spot for my PoTD runs, so that could be a new thing for myself!).




Thx for your advice ;)

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