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If you've completed the game with a class build that you think was awesome/fun and would like it listed/linked to in the Class Build & Strategies Index, please use the following format for posting it to the forum:
-Topic title should have [CLASS BUILD] in front of actual title
-Post text should contain the minimum information:
---Difficulty settings used
---Race+Class+main role used for the build (party melee tank/melee dps, summoner, bowslinger, solo completion...you get the idea)
---Attribute distribution used upon character creation
---List of the abilities/talents chosen, that you had at endgame
---the name of special item/s, if any, that the build may have a heavy reliance on
Note1: that discussion of posted builds will remain in the relevant threads. The Class/Strategy Index is only a place to archive topic links for easier reference and less back-searching.
Note2: this is intended for builds that have either finished the game or are fairly well tested. Theory or early test builds may occasionally be listed in the general topic index listing instead.

I'll update the Index with any new posted [CHAR BUILD]'s as soon as possible, but it may not be instantaneous. wink.png

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