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Ranger Companion Fatigue and Chanter Fire Weapon Chant



Two bugs I have noticed that irk me are the ranger companion fatigue bug (all ranger companions have 0 athletics score and fatigue VERY quickly regardless of the owner's athletic skill) and the fact that the chanter phrase that is supposed to give burning damage to weapons (had it as the only chant active, repeating over and over, tested over multiple ranged and melee weapons against different types of enemies, 0 difference in damage done on any players weapons).  With the recent nerf to the reload speed bonus I planned to change my continued chant to the fire damage one and move my chanter mid range so as to hit both ranged and melee groups, however this is pointless since the chant does not work. Also, with my 2 antelope (just switched from bear) always under minor/major/critical fatigue status even though rest of party has no fatigue they are more of a hinderance. I tend to now just leave them at wherever I zone in at and dont move them until the zone is clear.

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does anyone have a workaround for either of these? started a new hard mode game and running paladin tank main character with 2hand fighter, pistol/blunder chanter, war bow priest, and two arb/arq rangers. I gave both my fighter and paladin hold the line to help keep mobs off the ranger pets but that fatigue still makes them rather useless.

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