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[Bug] Possible Reputation Bug in "Against the Grain" Quest



I might be missing something, but there seem to be a bug with the reputation rewards in the quest "Against the Grain" in Gilded Vale. At first glance the game doesn't seem to favour taking sides with either Sweynur or Trumbel.


After convincing anyone and telling the other side, I can get a Moderate Positive reputation increase. If I convince Trumbel I even get an intermediate Minor Positive increase before reporting to Sweynur that is not shown when convincing Sweynur instead. That would seem to slightly favour convincing Trumbel.


However only if I convince Sweynur my character sheet shows Moderate Positive reputation and a "Hero" status in the Gilded Vale. If I convince Trumbel my Gilded Vale reputation is unchanged as "faintly good" and "Ally", the same as before the quest.


So it seems that the reputation reward doesn't work if I side with Sweynur and the farmers in convincing Trumbel.

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I've found out that the reputation bug when siding with Sweynur only occurs if you don't talk to Pasca after you choose the option buy them a round. If you give them beer from your inventory, the Gilded Vale reputation won't change. Apparently the option to bypass talking to the innkeeper was added later, but the reputation script still requires it.

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