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Please fix the Spell Slots Bug And Paladin Ability Bug



Spell Slots Bug:

Step 1, let your spell casters have bonus spell slot talents or items.

Step 2, dismiss them.

Step 3, you can change your party multiple times, every time you do it, your spell casters will gain 1 stack of bonus spell slots.

Step 4, recruit them again to see the result.


Paladin Ability Bug:

Paladins have an ability which will suspend target's positive effects for some duration. This ability not only disables magical buffs but also equipments and talents, i.e. your bonus spell slot talents or sword+shield style. This effect can easily become permanent. The only solution I found is dismiss and recruit again, which will lead to the spell slots bug. However, you can not dismiss your main character. So you have to reload every time your main character got hit by this ability. 

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