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Should discussions about discussions about The Poem be ... censored?

Should mods start nuking posts about THAT issue?  

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  1. 1. Should posts discussing about the discussion of the Poem be nuked?

    • Yes, its over now, and its ruining discussion on the forum
    • No. Fight the good fight. This is worthy of months of discussion yet!
    • Create a dedicated thread for them to duke it out until they are exhausted
    • 42!
    • Infinite Recursion!

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Its had its run but in my opinion, discussion about the right to discuss the Poem is derailing lots of threads daily and making this a lesser place to be. I'm personally thinking about giving up on obsidian.net and sticking with reddit for PoE stuff, which is a shame because there are some very high quality posts about the game being occluded by all this crap. It is not like I can stop myself from getting into these threads or reading these posts or opening a new one that discuss the same exact crap again , but hey what can I say I love to complain!


Surely if you count out this thread it would have been over by now? Maybe we have just one thread where the Poem Warriors can duke it out until the end of time?


Note: The irony of censoring this discussion does not escape me, but surely its been discussed to death and doesn't need to be in every damn thread   sad.png


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