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Hi all

I've been playing this excelent game for a while to understand the game mechanics . Now I wanna start a new character to finish the game . It will be a paladin and I wanna focus on dialogues more  ( and more keeping the mobs on me then killing them fast) so this leads me to my questions :


 1. Fire god-like vs moon-god-like  ?

 2. I was thinking something like : 15/6/6/18/15/18 as attributes. Will this be viable ?

 3. It is a good option to play with a 2H and interrupt more or with 1H and shield ? I imagine her with a 2h weapon but with the stats above not sure if the 2H interrupt build will work.

 4. I've read some where here that it is good to rush to get Kana at level 2 . Why ? I did this and wasn't impress . He still had the skeleton summon and the chant selection didn't really impress me as being better then what he has at level 3. Am I missing something ?

 5. I plan on Shieldbearers of St Elcga . It there any downside of this choice ?


Thank you very much for your  (future) answers

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rupt build will work.

 4. I've read some where here that it is good to rush to get Kana at level 2 .

Companions are auto-assigned skills/talents if you get them at higher levels - eg, you don't get to decide/select what they are. I don't know what Kana's stuff may be, but I'd assume there's some level-up option that he'll auto-have at lvl3 that some don't like, so if you get him at lvl2, you can pick differently. It may be one of the more passive talents/skills, not one you command in combat.
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