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So, I've been enjoying the **** out of PoE, and I'm super happy with it in general. I beat it on Normal within 3 days of release and I'm working on my PotD playthrough now. Still, there are definitely some things that I feel could be improved, so I'll make my personal list here. Please try to remember that these are my opinions. I'm posting for the devs/mods, not to start a debate.


  • I'd like to be able to see both Focus (Current and Max), and Movement Rate on the character page.
  • Also on the character page (and I guess on the inventory page too, since the block is identical) I'd like to be able to mouseover any stat in the lefthand block and get a tooltip displaying how the final value was arrived at. For example, if I mouseover the Accuracy stat of a given weapon, I'd like to see something like: Accuracy: 35 = Character Level: 30 + Pistol: -5 + Fine: +4 + Weapon Focus - Ruffian: +6
  • An explanation of Movement Rate in the Journal would be great too.
  • The Fighter ability "Knock Down" could use some improved feedback in the combat log. Currently, it simply shows the character engaging in melee (even if they already were before using the ability), but does not display an attack roll for the ability, nor even whether the attack hit or missed. Given the distinct lack of visuals for the ability, this could be substantially improved.
  • The way characters, selection circles/engagement arrows, combat tooltips, and nameplates are displayed could be improved.
    • Characters and their respective feedback markers should be more visible through terrain. There have been numerous occasions where I have been completely unable to see where a character is during combat, even if I select them with a hotkey. They are very hard to see behind certain type of terrain, or in some cases (behind doors) they become completely invisible.
    • Combat tooltips and nameplates constantly overlap each other, which makes them useless. It would be better if they displaced each other so that each one is clearly viewable at all times. To address issues where a displaced tooltip or nameplate is no longer directly over a character or enemy, perhaps a system where hovering your cursor over that character makes the tooltip/nameplate brighter, or highlighted or something would work.
  • Comparing items in the shop to what characters currently have equipped could be substantially improved. Currently, even though I can select any character in the shop screen, there's no way to see which character is selected. I recommend a yellow box around the selected character, identical to what we see in the player inventory screen. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to compare to other weapon sets without having to exit the store screen. Perhaps a button in the compare window, such as arrows pointing left/right from the currently compared weapon that switch the comparison to the next set in either direction.
  • Points of Interest (magnifying glass on the map) should not require a character to be exactly within a small area to use. There have been numerous occasions where I have been immediately beside one, and yet when I click on it my character runs off to get a better view or something. Often, this can trigger a combat which I might not be ready for. I recommend each Point of Interest having a given radius that, if a character is within that radius, the Point can be inspected from anywhere. Sort of like map transitions, except even larger, because you're just looking at it, not actually moving to it.

I'm sure there are some other things that I've forgotten, but that will do for now. I'll add to this thread as I remember/encounter other things.

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