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Problem : Game crash



Hi guys.



I starded the game this week and I have a very big problem.

At the beginning, my game crashed sometimes when I went to the first village, but now it does it all the time :


I am in the first dungeon and I don't have any save outside of this. So I am here :




I want to go outside, then I see this loading's screen :




For the moment, it's good.

But at the end of this loading's screen, my game is crashing and this window is display to me :





I tried to uninstall the game and retried after the install, but it's not resolved.


Did you have any solution for me ? If it can help, this is the begin of the error file :






Thank you for your help.

(And sorry for my probably bad english expression, I have good reading but bad writing)

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Ok, i putting it up here, because it is closest to my problem as well:


I just wanted to start the game (steam version) and it crashed. A little window was showing up, where i was asked to send the information to the developers. But as there are no information available, where to send it, i was searching for some time and gave up now. If you want to have the information to be send, then it would be nice in closer future, if this error windows field would include some adress, where to send it, not just "send it to the developers", because first of all, there are quite many of them, and second of all: i can´t find one.

And i cannot find a sending option here. So: have a nice time.

By the way: the problem vanished, when i just started anew.

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