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Low stat conversation penalties (spoilers)

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At first I was a little disgusted by the minmaxing builds, 18 here 3 there blah blah. I have come to realize their efficiency, but they still don't sit right with me. I named my latest party after their statistical shortcomings. Not quite the point of the thread though so I'm spoiler tagging them.



Warrior: Velcro Strap (3 dex, can't tie own shoes)

Chanter: Walking Apprentice (3 dex, still learning how to walk)

Priest: Troglodyte (4 per, nigh blind)

Wizard/Druid/Cipher: Brittle Bones/Allergies/Diabetes (4 con)



What I was thinking was there should be conversation penalties for having ridiculously low stats too. I'm going to fire up some random scenarios, but I would love to see replies where these are used in real interactions. And if there already is a thread like this, link it to me and I will read with fervor while this one quietly disappears.


18 mig/3 dex

Watcher: Give me the rest of the copper or your face gets it.

NPC: You fell eight times walking up to me.

Watcher: You had your chance. [Attack]

NPC: *stands still, but you still trip trying to grab his collar*


3 int archer

Party member: Why'd you stop shooting the wizard?!

Watcher: Uh?

Party member: The sparkly guy.

Watcher: New sparkly!

Party member: No, same sparkly.

Watcher: New sparkly. Old sparkly go away.

Party member: No he didn't go anywhere.

Party member: At best he was briefly obscured by the warrior.

Watcher: He go away.



18 dex/3 per

NPC: Ah, you want THIS necklace?

NPC: *flaunts very desirable amulet hanging around her neck*

Watcher: (Dexterity: 18) (Snatch the necklace)

You firmly grope yourself.

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