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Non combat combat + disengagement attacks from villagers?



I started out a new character gathered up the first 4 companion npcs, and then did some harvesting(killing) of yellow backer npcs at the gilded vale temple and the 2nd floor of the inn. Afterwards I double checked if all is well running around out side, no villagers/guards were hostile etc.


However it appears there is still some sort of 'lingering' aggression in the system somehow. When I run around green villagers my characters seem to "engage" the villagers without actual engagement ( you will also notice auto attack is off in my settings). so basically the engagement system starts up as i run past random green npcs which are then "engaged" without attacking and when I continue running past them (I have disable party movement stop on engagement checked) I actually suffer disengagement attacks from the green villagers. In all this no one ever becomes a red enemy.


In the attached save game running around the NPC to the right of the save as shown in the screenshot triggers it. I also attached all the other details the sticky requests.


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Any update on this? Because I have this too now in Gilded Vale where Villagers who are green engage me and perform disengagement attacks on me. Sometimes even combat starts without me attacking anyone or the villager becoming red. When I move away from the villager the combat mode ends again.

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