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I play on "hard". It's not hard, because the mobs don't have increased stats, there is just more of them. This strikes me as backwards from what it should be. But, anyways..


One of my characters suffered "the true death", I acutully didn't know this was possible. Nothing in the tutorial preps you for that. I just assumed a "dead" party person would get up after combat with lower and lower health.


Sadly, the death was not from combat, I can deal with fighting. It was from a certain unaviodable spike trap room in the endless paths. So, I looted the corpe of my companion and soldierd thu to the next master stair case up. It was tuff, but satisficing because of that. The death was BS, but life is not fair, why should this dungeon be fair?


So, my half dead party returns to civilation, recrutes a new party member. Only to find that none of my looted gear was in fact picked up. All unque gear, can't be replaced. To add salt to the wound, most of it was enchanted.


I assume, this is a bug and or a oversite. Tipicaly I quick save as I progress. To reload from a actully save would put me around a day a go progress.


Not happy.

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