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Played the game fine for about an hour now it crashes everytime I try and move to aother area



Hi all:


I’ve been playing this game for a little over an hour in total and as I was trying to move from Valewood to Gilded Vale the game crashed.

I reloaded the save game and tried and again and it crashed again.

I tried to move back from Valewood to Cilant Lis and this worked ok, however when I tried to move back to Valewood the game crashed again.


I’ve created a new character and tried again but this time the game crashed when it moves to the ruins.


I have no other glitches in the game it runs quickly and the load times between areas it’s pretty quick.


The only thing I can think of is that the Saved Games are being saved on my C: Drive and the game is installed on another drive on my PC E:


I’ve attached:

Savegame (Won't allow me to upload it)

Output Log

System Specs


Any thoughts.help, comments would be great.





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Welcome to the forums Brumrah,


Your output_log reports the following error:



Crash in winutils::ProcessInternalCrash(PEXCEPTION_POINTERS pExInfo) ERROR: SymInitialize, GetLastError: 'The operation completed successfully.' (Address: 00000000)

ERROR: SymGetSearchPath, GetLastError: 'The handle is invalid.' (Address: 00000000)

SymInit: Symbol-SearchPath: '', symOptions: 530, UserName: 'Jonathan'


This isn't the same as running out of memory, but given that you are running on a 32-bit version of Win7, it could be that PoE is hitting the 2GB per-process limit.


In that case, editing your boot.ini file to add /3GB /Userva=2900 flags as documented in Microsoft KB 316739: How to use the /userva switch with the /3GB switch... may help by increasing the per-process limit from 2048 to 2900KB (you will need to restart Windows for this change to take effect).

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I had a look at the Workarounds for several known issues 4-07-15 post.


I followed the Link below and increased my RAM this has worked as far as I can tell.




It's a little disapointing that this game needs so my RAM to run.




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