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"Bugged" Container in The Charred Barrel Inn




I apologize if this is already known, I discovered a minor bug (with 1.03):


I went upstairs in The Charred Barrel inn and the armoire in the right room contained a fine leather armor and something else. I clicked take all, but the window stayed open, I had to click take all several times until it closed, up until then there was always the second item shown. When I checked the stash, I had suddenly 4 fine leather armors in it (despite the armoire only showing one), exactly as many, as I had to click on take all until the windows finally closed. I thought "okay, more money for me", but I equipped several of those fine leather armors on party members who had still worse equipment. After reloading my savegame, I noticed those party members were suddenly naked. The duplicate fine leather armors from this armoire didn't stay there permanently.


Just thought I share this, because this was quite unusual, nothing like this had ever happened to me elsewhere in the game. :)



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