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Game won't launch, unknown error



The problem:


The game won't launch and it stay unknown error.


I check the steam help and it says to delete the appcashe in the steam folder and restart. So I do this and the game runs fine.


Then when I try to play the game again the same thing happens, except this time deleting appcashe and restarting doesn't fix it. 


Reinstalling the game allows me to play the game once again though, but it must be reinstalled to be played just once again.


Considering all of the my other steam games run, the problem is not with steam- or if it is, it's because of the way this game interacts with steam.


My best guess is that a program is interfering with starting the game, but then why would the game start once and then never again?


If anyone has a solution that doesn't involve restoring my computer to an earlier date or deleting a bunch of programs please let me know.



Unrelated comments:

I can play it on my mac (with horrible performance of like 1 fps cause it's an old macbook without a graphics card). I trudged though the first dungeon and made it to underneath the ruined church in the first town to make sure it's worth fixing. It's an amazing game. Other than the dark souls 2 controller problem, I've never had a problem with things not working on steam and it's really sad it had to happen with this game. Too bad it didn't occur with some game that turned out to suck.

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Reading the tech support forum- there seems to be so many bugs and problems that i don't think anyone is going to get to my problem (or any particular problem for that matter) for months. Perhaps we should just return the game and buy it again when it goes on sale? this really sucks

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I have twelve hours put in so far and haven't encountered any bugs or crashes. Different gaming systems produce different results for a game.

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