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Hi all!


I'm playing PoE, now. It's really great game but from time to time I feel the world is a little empty and there is planty of not used NPCs. That's why I would like to create a PoE modification but:

- I check text files for quests and I see there are usually 2 files representing a quest (file with table including text strings and another one with dialogue functions). Is there any tool to edit/creat story? How can I compile changed/created files?

- Can I edit maps using unity engine tool? Or is there any other editor?

- Can anyone past here any links to helpfull tools?


Sorry for my english I hope all above is clear for You ;-)





ps. It's not my first mod ;-)

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I can't believe I haven't seen any fan created content yet.


I haven't been able to locate any editing\modding tools for Pillars of Eternity. All I see on Nexus and other sites for mods are edited txt files for changing stats and ingame actions.



Please tell me you guys here @ Obsidian have a couple hundred hours of expansion content and 30+ levels to raise our cap, at least planned anyway, if we can't create our own additional content.

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anyone tried older Infinity mod tools for level, item, character mods? i know you have, but i haven't seen or heard anything about any successful creations.


I wouldn't expect any IE tools to have any effect whatsoever on Pillars. Pillars is a completely new engine written in a completely different programming language etc.


I have seen a modding framework floating around, but it looked super hacky currently and limited to only doing a few things.


Given that the game is written with Unity engine, I would start looking for tools to extract/modify Unity data files if you wanted somewhere to start.

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There will be no official modding tools, only that Obsidian would try to keep things accessible enough for modders to tweak if they so wished.


So as Faydark says, modding is currently via using tools re:Unity engine to extract/modify files/settings, art skins, sounds. Whether modders will find ways to get much beyond that, only time will tell.

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