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Nonstop crashes in cult lair below Dryford village



When I started the game I crashed to desktop every third or fourth time I loaded a save game (or exited/entered the map) in gilded veil. It was very annoying and if I would have had to spend much much more time in that area I might have stopped as the load times were insane too. So I would wait for like 60 - 120 seconds for nothing each time.


But after I left the area things got much, much better, I hardly ever crashed. Only very rarely. The load times got better too.


But now I cannot play at all. Not because im frustrated or anything - which I am - but because its technically impossible.


Im in the cult lair below Dryford village, standing in front of the door which leads to the boss battle.


I don't mind hard battles - I play on setting hard - but this fight usually starts with 2 of my casters instadying and the entire party not moving. But that's another story. What matters though is that this fight is not that easy. I will have to play it a few times and try some strategies.


That is impossible though as the game crashes almost every single time I load that area. I have to load it around 5 - 8 times - which takes roughly 3 - 5 minutes each time - to get the game to load properly at least once.


Then my group gets smashed and I have to load again.


I tried it a for 2 days and was hoping patch 1.03 would help those nonstop crashes, but it didnt change anything.


Sadly I gave up now. I loved the game but if I seriously see one more crash I might kill somebody so i just stopped.


I have to tell you that this game is bugged badly. It is unplayable, litereally unplayable in this state. I have so many games on my pc and this kind of machine gun crash I have never seen.


This cult lair is damned. I cannot leave it and I cannot finish the fight. I would have to load it about 100 times to have the chance to fight the battle about 10 times and figure out how to win.


That would be hours or days work. :-(

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