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Some random praise for PoE

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I like this game very much and a big thank you to the devs and us, backers.




Well, this game is just plain awesome. It's one of the best games I played in years and I'm 35.


PoE managed to completely capture the magic of BG, and even further enhance it.


The hand-drawn locations are just... well awesome. I always told that quality 2d art beats any 3d art hands down, really. It's a pure delight to explore them. When I reached Magran's Fork, well I was especially astonished by the ambient forest sounds, flying butterflies, music and drawings again. Well, it felt so incredibly good, that... I quit the game to leave it sink in my imagination for a while :)


3d models are fun to customize with gear, and see that gear appear on the models. Cloaks are just perfect.


Quests are - damn - they are interesting. Even simple ones, even those limited by a single location.


I've especially liked those full-screen plot dialogue systems, when I'm proposed to interact with the environment. They are well drawn and sounded and leave a lot to the imagination, and at the same time they advance the plot. A very good design decision.


User interface is incredibly handy and well designed. It's just easy to use and very informative and intuitive. Whoever designed it deserves a special commendation. I also appreciated the division of inventory between the inventory proper and the stash - this eliminates the unnecessary and artificial inventory management, yet it retains the need to ensure that I have a necessary item under the belt all the time.


Damage system is innovative, as it manages to combine the classic HP system and some sort of permanent damage that ensures that I have to rest regularly. This is a very well-placed addition to the stagnating HP system, which at the same time manages to preserve it's simplicity. Another very commendable solution.


Two things I care for now:


1. I do not wish this game to ever end.

2. I regret not funding this game for a MUCH bigger amount of money. So, if you consider doing another kickstarter for PoE, count me in.


And again thank you so much, Obsidian for making such a great game - it needed to be said :)

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