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A few simple suggestions- Itemization and Stronghold

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Here's a few short suggestions that I think would make Pillars (which I've really enjoyed , thanks)  that much more enjoyable:


1.  Itemization...


    Weapons/Armor shouldn't be upgradeable to fine/superior, it should be an unmodifiable state of the weapon/armour.  Plus,  the number of enchantment levels of the weapon should be tied to its quality.  Uniques at a certain quality should get 1 or 2 more enchantment levels.  Looting lost a lot of excitement for me, since I was set with my weapons from the get go.  I think this will make crafting better, since once you get that next level of weaponry, you'll be all excited to get components to enchant it up real nice.  Also,  please stack weapons/armor in shops and stash.



2.  Stronghold.


    I like the stronghold.  It needs to be more influential on the game.  The resting bonuses in the stronghold should be cumulative,  so that your pad can be upgraded to be a better spot then some random inns.  This would give more incentive to combat marauders, etc...  Maybe finishing Od Nua should give an additional bonus,  etc.  Also,  please let us rest from the stronghold ui, rather then passing a bunch of loading screens to get to the bed.  This could be done just like the party icon, where you cant activate it unless at the od nua map/s.






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