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Hey everyone!


First of all I would like to say I love the game - it's awesome and really feels like a proper RPG which I haven't played in a while.

But (there's alway a but...) I have no idea which character to play hence I'm asking YOU for help.

It looks like this:

I would like to play something like a heavy armored, great sword/estoc wielding battlemage/battlepriest. Basically a front line caster. I know it may be hard to achieve but that's my ideal PC which I would like to play. I'm also a huge role-playing fan so I would love to have a character which allows me to get the most from the story/lore in this game. I'm also playing on hard.


I currently have 3 characters with around 4 hours into the game each and I can't decide which one fits my vision the most. I have to say that all 3 are viable with a 2-hander and cast some spells on the front line so my basic gripe is with the story.


1) Priest of Eothas/Meadow Folk/Vailan Republic/Mercenary - has some nice support abilities along with his offensive ones (they can do some nice damage) and due to his healing can stay alive quite well. Seems to be the best choice for the story since Dyrwood was devastated by a recent war (St. Waiwden being the incarnation of Eothas) connected with Eothas and his "death" but clearing the Temple of Eothas in the Gilded Vale only gave me few additional, mediocre options (really?! In a destroyed Temple of my beloved God?!?). I thought It would give me more. Also, I can ask Eder about Eothas like I don't know anything about him. Does it get better later on? Is there more to the story while playing a Priest of Eothas?


2) Wizard/Pale Elf/Living Lands/Scientist- best offensive capabilities with strong defensive ones, mainly the spell which adds HP and Endurance allows him to stay on the battlefield a really long time and take a few hits while slashing the enemy with his great sword and unleashing the elements. No additional role-play value/opportunities (or I haven't encountered them yet).


3) Priest of Skaen/Pale Elf/White that Wends/Slave - mainly the same as Priest of Eothas but cruel and deceptive instead of benevolent and honest. I heard there is a huge quest connected with Skaen but is it the only added value to a Priest of Skaen or there is more?


As for other classes - I have tried a Cypher and a Monk. While the Cypher seems to fit my description really nicely I just don't like the style of the class - seems a bit "easy" and the whole mind/psionic spells don't really get me excited. Also the soul manipulation is not my kinda thing. The Monk is just boring - poke, get hit, use special ability, poke, get hit, use special ability and repeat ad infinitum. Haven't noticed any additional story options in both of these classes.

I haven't tried a Chanter since I don't like their class mechanic. Paladins don't have enough spells for me.


So can any experienced players give me some ideas/help me choose a character to play without major spoilers? I would be very grateful for any help.


Best Regards,



PS: Someone like the dude in this movie https://www(dot)youtube.com/watch?v=jlACgYHtWCI Also sorry for my english as it isn't my native language.

EDIT: Can't post links :(

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