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Explored areas dark, dead creeps/npcs and loot respawned



I think it started before my encounter with Thaos in the Sanitarium basement. The NPC Moedred(?) had respawned even though i set loose the chest wicht on him. And after encountering Thaos everyone on the floor above became hostile, which i don't know if it was intended but seemed weird. I continued with the 3 missing people quest and entered the catacombs through the hidden theatre and noticed it had become unexplored again and with all the creeps and loot respawned. And the NPC in the west catacombs (Helig i think) had respawned even though i killed him before. When i talk to him the quest is already done and all the conversation choices grayed out.

Went to the Caed Nua, couldn't talk to the statue and the door to Endless Paths was locked. Is my save beyond saving?





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